Got nowhere to go

We’ve got two pairs of shoes and a big yellow submarine. But he’s moving to California. In the bag he putted a tiny lollipop and a bottle of champagne

–          We have to celebrate our freedom, baby

–          We have to run, there’s nothing to be done. Fly across the rain and don’t let people let us down. You have to go.

–          We don’t need people, we have our purple boots.

–          Is it enough, petit?

–          Do you have any doubts?

–          I really need my Allen’s movies with me,

–          But we don’t have electricity.

–          Ok. The books then.

–          Yeah, I’ll read it for you.

–          But you are leaving, baby.

–          We are always leaving, but don’t you worry, you will go with me. I still have your scratch on my back and a bag to put you in.

–          Just like Kielovski!

–          Yeah, girl, you are coming with me.

Got no place to go but a good french bottle of wine with me

Drink my worries down the drain

–          Happy New Year’s, baby. Wait me here while I’m there.

–          Don’t go far, ok?

–          Ok.

Dica do filme da semana: Abraços Partidos, do Almodovar.

Eu juro que não acredito que o Almodovar usou uma música da Cat Power na trilha sonora. Gênio. Filme é, de fato, um dos seus melhores. E eu quero casar com a Penélope Cruz.

Ana Luiza Ponciano escreve aos sábados no Sete Doses